Rating my Reading

Do you like every book that you read?

This week when you read each night, try and give your book a score out of 10!  Tell us why you liked it so much, or why you gave it a low score!

8 thoughts on “Rating my Reading

    • Dear Ornella,

      The Harry Potter series are probably my favourite books of all time! I think my favourite Harry Potter book would be the fourth one – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
      I think that the books are always better than the movies.
      Do you have a favourite part in the Chamber of Secrets?

      From Miss T

  1. Hi Year 2A,
    The book I am reading is from the Famous Five series. I think Famous Five is a good set of books because they have mysteries in them. I would give it a 10/10!

    From Emerson.

    • Hi Emerson,

      Thanks for telling us a bit about the Famous Five Series. I read all of the Famous Five when I was your age and then I started reading all of the Secret Seven as well. They are fantastic!
      Do you have a favourite character from the Famous Five? I think my favourite is Timmy!

      From Miss T

    • Dear Ben,

      Thanks for letting us know what you’ve been reading. I have never read any of the Treehouse books – what is the best part about them?

      From Miss T

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