In Maths we have been learning about mass and how heavy different objects are. We’ve done lots of investigating and hefting to find out the weights of things around the classroom.

We used some scales to look at how light and heavy a range of objects were – our challenge was to make the scales balance using whatever we could find. Then we had to draw a diagram of the scales in our Maths book!

IMG_3930 2 IMG_3931 IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941 2 IMG_3942

How do you use scales at home?

Are there things that need to be weighed before they can be used or bought?

Sally Rippin Interview

Today we interviewed a real-life author!  Sally Rippin is the author for the ‘Hey Jack!’ and ‘Billie B. Brown’ books that many of us love to borrow from the library.

We took part in the live interview which was streamed on the ABC Splash Website. You can watch the interview again here.

Sally even answered some of our questions that we wrote for her:

Screenshot 2015-09-17 14.23.09 Screenshot 2015-09-17 14.23.23 Screenshot 2015-09-17 14.29.55

We were really excited to see our questions up on the screen and to hear Anna say, “This question is from the TLC Birds in Mildura”!

Which ‘Hey Jack!’ or ‘Billie B. Brown’ book is your favourite?

Do you think you’d like to be an author one day? Why?

Sharing is Caring!

We have been learning about sharing with others. We like to share everyday in the yard, in the classroom…and this week we’ve been learning about sharing in Maths.

When you share an amount of objects into equal groups, this is called DIVISION. It sounds a little like the word DIVIDE.

Miss T found some online games that might help you practise your division skills! Click on the coloured words below to find the games.


Diamond Mine

Count Us In

Fish Sharing

Which game is your favourite?

Have you ever had to divide something at home to make sure each person gets a fair share?

Gardening guys!

This post is written by Xander.

Can you spot the rhinocerous helping the boys do the gardening?

Can you spot the rhinocerous helping the boys do the gardening?

Today Oliver and I went to the garden and a rhino was there first! And Oliver played with rhino. And Oliver put dirt on rhino and rhino was happy. The end.

What kinds of things do you like to grow in the garden?

Has anybody ever made mud pies?

Super Scientists!

This week our school has celebrated Science Week, along with lots of other schools around Australia.

Some of the activities we have had include:

  • a Young Einstein demonstration, where students could apply to bring their science experiments in to show in the Sunset Hall
  • kidney dissection demonstrations in the Science Labs
  • a Spidery exploration in the Junior Science Club
  • Science activity rotations, involving shadows, bubbles and magnets
  • a visit from Questacon
  • and finally…a ‘Light Up Your World’ Disco, with a ‘Cosmic Fizz’ drink treat afterwards!

Have a look at some of the fun we have had!

What has been your favourite part about Science Week??

What science activities would you like to see next year for Science Week?

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

This term, we will be learning about

AUSTRALIAImage by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons 

We will be investigating its states, its flora and fauna as well as its people. There are lots of other areas of learning that will relate to our Australia topic too, like writing Information Reports and our Maths investigation about going fishing.

Last week, we named the states in Australia and their capital cities. We had to label each capital city, cut out the puzzle pieces and stick Australia together in our books! 
Plus, guess what?
Another class from somewhere else in Australia is going to be joining us on this journey! Mrs Levett and her Year 2 students from Western Australia are going to be doing similar activities to us, as well as a few Skype chats along the way! If you would like to see what Mrs Levett’s class has been up to, here is the link to their blog:
What interesting facts to do you know about Australia? Write them on the Padlet below so we can share them with Mrs Levett and her students!

Around the World

Miss T has been keeping a close eye on our blog visitors to see when we reach 1000! Hopefully it will be soon, maybe even in the school holidays.

Today she noticed a new country on our visitor map, with the initials TT. TT stands for the country: Trinidad & Tobago. 


Does anybody know where Trinidad & Tobago is? I wonder if anybody can leave a comment to tell us what continent it is on!